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So, as promised, the exclusive interview with Chloe Pittilla, 23, (the very lovely lady behind the Boutique website The Upper East), is finally here! I managed to talk to Chloe about the website and it's launch, along with fashion tips and the drive behind opening and running her own business. So here's the interview, I hope you enjoy it!

above Chloe Pittilla

Hi Chloe, 

How and why did you start up The Upper East Boutique?

Hi Holly, I decided to start up The Upper East because I've always wanted to have my own business, ever since I was little! I used to set up little stalls in my garden in the summer holidays and sell things that I didn't want anymore to the other children in the street!!

I first had the idea when I was on holiday in Egypt, and I started working on the idea right there and then! The name comes from my love of New York fashion, my love of Gossip Girl and the fact that I come from the North East.

How are you celebrating the launch of the new website?

I am launching the website officially with the Bloggers Love event in London. It's really exciting as I've never done anything like this before! There was 70 guests confirmed last week, including some bloggers so I'm hoping it will be a good crowd!

Is there a team behind The Upper East Boutique?

Yes, sort of! Everybody helps me out. In fact, even as I am writing this my boyfriend's Mum is sitting making little favours to give away at the Press Launch! My Boyfriends Dad does runs to the post office, picking up and posting packages and even his brother has given me a few ideas!

What is your favourite item out of all the pieces on the website?

There are a lot of items to choose from on the website and I'm careful to source products that I feel are good enough to sell in terms of quality and appeal. However, if I was forced to pick a favourite I would go with the Quilted Skull Stud Clutch (below). The picture probably doesn't do it justice, it's an oversized clutch, perfect for a night out. I have one in black and so do most of my friends!

What sparked your interest in fashion and beauty?

I've always had an interest in fashion and beauty, from as far back as I can remember. I have memories of making dress up outfits as a child out of scraps of material! My Mum was always very fashionable, and looks a lot younger than she is. Me and my sister would always dress up in her clothes and she would do our hair! 

My nieces also have an interest in fashion and beauty and I spend most Saturdays doing their hair and putting make up on, and making dresses and costumes for "fashion shows", they were really excited when I set up the website, and keep saying they want to work for me when they are 16! 

Who is your ultimate fashion idol?

 I know everybody will probably say it but Marilyn Monroe is probably the greatest style icon in my eyes. I love the style! I think Christina Aguilera looked fabulous when she released the back to basics album and took on a similar style. 

What is your one top tip for starting up your own business/website/fashion boutique?

I think my number top tip would be to believe in yourself. There's been times when I've thought it wasn't working and thought about giving up, but my boyfriend would always tell me "you have to speculate to accumulate" and told me not to give up! 

Have you got a “swear by” style tip, if so what is it?

I'm only 5"1 and sometimes feel like clothes can make me look even smaller! My top tip for small women is to not wear shoes that have straps around the ankle- it cuts your leg apart from your foot and makes you look smaller even when wearing heels! 
Also wearing nude colour shoes elongates the legs (Eva Longoria is a fan of doing this as well!). If the business really took off, I would love to develop a range for petite women, although there are many ranges out there in high street stores, I still think that there is something missing. I find it difficult to buy clothes that fit properly as they are all out if proportion! 

How can readers get hold of your products?

All products can be purchased from the website www.theuppereast.co.uk. We also take orders through Facebook www.facebook.com/theuppereaststore

Have you a favourite celebrity style icon?

 I love Gwen Stefani, she has amazing style! I also love Gossip Girl and the clothes on the show are fabulous! 

I'm so privileged that I've been able to get an exclusive interview with Chloe! The Upper East is such an amazing store and I can't wait to order my items soon. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'd just like to say thank you to Chloe for taking the time to do the interview and send through pictures! I hope the Press Launch goes well!

Please go and check out, order and buy from The Upper East as it is such an amazing boutique! 
Website HERE Twitter HERE Facebook HERE

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