Change Is A Good Thing

My sister left for university today which was a bit of an odd situation! She did amazingly in her exams and got offers from all the Unis she was thinking of going to. I'm sososo proud of her and all she's achieved in the past 18 years, especially these last two. It's going to be strange not having her around to chat to however, I'm not too sad because soon I'll be Whatsapping her 24/7! I've already planned a trip to London to see her which will be beaut.

I hope she has an amazing freshers week and I can't wait to reunite with her in a few weeks!
Love You Sista

Anastasia Antics | How To Follow My Blog

Hey Beauts,
recently, I have been getting a lot more views on my blog and posts then I did when I first started my blog back in May! 

I just wanted to leave you all a little note about how to follow my blog if you'd like to! 


Follow my blog through blog following site here


To the right hand side of the blog post is a subscription via email box. All you have to do is enter your email and you will receive a confirmation email!


I also have a Google+ account on which I post every new blog post. If you add me to your circles then you'll be updated with these posts. I'm trying to get into Google+ a lot more but being a social media addict, I get so drawn into so many other things, it's not top of my list at the moment!! However, there's a gadget at the side of my posts if you'd like to follow me this way. 

\Those are 3 ways you can follow my Anastasia Antics! I would really appreciate it if you followed my blog if you are a regular reader, or if you're new! Although, I do love it when people read my blog whenever so thank you if you do that too! 

Going Crazy For.. Icona Pop

'We got the keys to open paradise, yeah paradise. I feel like we could do this all night..'

OOTD | Sixth Form Style

I styled a new outfit for sixth form the other day and it was one of my favourites so far. I wore it yesterday and it kept me lovely and cosy all day!

I'm had to use my bother's iPod to take the photos again, but my camera is back in full use as of now so expect some better quality outfit posts soon!


TOPMAN: Beanie
TK Max: Maroon Chiffon Shirt
H&M: Plain black cropped jumper
H&M: Cropped black trousers
H&M: Patterned Blazer
H&M: Tie-dye socks
H&M: Boots

For those of you who were wondering, I didn't actually wear the beanie at school because I didn't like it paired with the outfit as 'business wear'. However, I did stick it on travelling to school and back, and when Holly and I went shopping! I absolutely love the beanie with this outfit because it makes it a bit more urban. 

I hope you like this outfit & I'll be using my camera to take outfit photos so you'll be able to see it all more clearly!


Since the word 'Selfie' has now been added to the dictionary, I thought I'd embrace my inner selfie when I saw my friends this past month..

I've just been so happy recently and seeing all my friends all the time has just made it so much better. Can't wait to continue being a busy bee in the next few weeks.

L©ve to all my beauts

OOTD | Sixth Form Is Stressfull

I was definitely warned about how hard sixth form is but obviously I didn't really realise that when people said it - they meant it!
I am currently stuck on some history questions that I started a few hours prior to writing this post now! I decided to take a brainbreather and share with you my outfit from yesterday. It's definitely been on of my favourite outfits so far!

I loved this outfit mainly due to the Blazer / Cardigan (or Blazigan / Cardizer whatever you want to call it!) It's sososo warm and especially comfy. It's from H&M for a really reasonable price! I think it is a new variation to 'smart' and although it doesn't have much structure, it really completes the outfit.

I added a statement necklace to brighten the outfit and make it more gurly. It's a really light peachy-pink colour and despite looking heavy it is so light to wear which was an added bonus!

Apologies for the appalling photos, my camera batteries were still recovering from Borneo!

To create more of an impact, I left my nails white from the day before. It is a Barry M Nail Paint in Matt White - I've also found a very useful way of applying it to make it stay on your nails longer which I might blog about soon!

So that was my outfit from yesterday! It seems to be all H&M but we can live with that can't we?

I'd also like to clear up some confusion - on the bottom of the Barry M nail paint bottles they have a number, the shade name and another number. If anyone knows which number (top or bottom) is the shade number, PLEASE comment or tweet me @hollsanastasia and let me know! 

 Barry M Nail Confusion!!

Exclusive Interview | The Upper East Boutique

So, as promised, the exclusive interview with Chloe Pittilla, 23, (the very lovely lady behind the Boutique website The Upper East), is finally here! I managed to talk to Chloe about the website and it's launch, along with fashion tips and the drive behind opening and running her own business. So here's the interview, I hope you enjoy it!

above Chloe Pittilla

Hi Chloe, 

How and why did you start up The Upper East Boutique?

Hi Holly, I decided to start up The Upper East because I've always wanted to have my own business, ever since I was little! I used to set up little stalls in my garden in the summer holidays and sell things that I didn't want anymore to the other children in the street!!

I first had the idea when I was on holiday in Egypt, and I started working on the idea right there and then! The name comes from my love of New York fashion, my love of Gossip Girl and the fact that I come from the North East.

How are you celebrating the launch of the new website?

I am launching the website officially with the Bloggers Love event in London. It's really exciting as I've never done anything like this before! There was 70 guests confirmed last week, including some bloggers so I'm hoping it will be a good crowd!

Is there a team behind The Upper East Boutique?

Yes, sort of! Everybody helps me out. In fact, even as I am writing this my boyfriend's Mum is sitting making little favours to give away at the Press Launch! My Boyfriends Dad does runs to the post office, picking up and posting packages and even his brother has given me a few ideas!

What is your favourite item out of all the pieces on the website?

There are a lot of items to choose from on the website and I'm careful to source products that I feel are good enough to sell in terms of quality and appeal. However, if I was forced to pick a favourite I would go with the Quilted Skull Stud Clutch (below). The picture probably doesn't do it justice, it's an oversized clutch, perfect for a night out. I have one in black and so do most of my friends!

What sparked your interest in fashion and beauty?

I've always had an interest in fashion and beauty, from as far back as I can remember. I have memories of making dress up outfits as a child out of scraps of material! My Mum was always very fashionable, and looks a lot younger than she is. Me and my sister would always dress up in her clothes and she would do our hair! 

My nieces also have an interest in fashion and beauty and I spend most Saturdays doing their hair and putting make up on, and making dresses and costumes for "fashion shows", they were really excited when I set up the website, and keep saying they want to work for me when they are 16! 

Who is your ultimate fashion idol?

 I know everybody will probably say it but Marilyn Monroe is probably the greatest style icon in my eyes. I love the style! I think Christina Aguilera looked fabulous when she released the back to basics album and took on a similar style. 

What is your one top tip for starting up your own business/website/fashion boutique?

I think my number top tip would be to believe in yourself. There's been times when I've thought it wasn't working and thought about giving up, but my boyfriend would always tell me "you have to speculate to accumulate" and told me not to give up! 

Have you got a “swear by” style tip, if so what is it?

I'm only 5"1 and sometimes feel like clothes can make me look even smaller! My top tip for small women is to not wear shoes that have straps around the ankle- it cuts your leg apart from your foot and makes you look smaller even when wearing heels! 
Also wearing nude colour shoes elongates the legs (Eva Longoria is a fan of doing this as well!). If the business really took off, I would love to develop a range for petite women, although there are many ranges out there in high street stores, I still think that there is something missing. I find it difficult to buy clothes that fit properly as they are all out if proportion! 

How can readers get hold of your products?

All products can be purchased from the website We also take orders through Facebook

Have you a favourite celebrity style icon?

 I love Gwen Stefani, she has amazing style! I also love Gossip Girl and the clothes on the show are fabulous! 

I'm so privileged that I've been able to get an exclusive interview with Chloe! The Upper East is such an amazing store and I can't wait to order my items soon. I hope you all enjoyed this post and I'd just like to say thank you to Chloe for taking the time to do the interview and send through pictures! I hope the Press Launch goes well!

Please go and check out, order and buy from The Upper East as it is such an amazing boutique! 
Website HERE Twitter HERE Facebook HERE

                                                                  logo & pictures courtesy of

H Ladies | Midi Ring

"H Ladies are not afraid of being centre of attention. In fact, you love it!"

'H' Midi Ring - Topshop
Gold Rings - Freedom at Topshop


I just wanted to give you all a little bit of inside info for something coming up on my blog very soon...

I've managed to get an exclusive interview with the brains (and beauty) behind the new website The Upper East! It's a boutique website with amazing items ranging from makeup brushes to dresses and home store to prom shop! 

I've been lusting over a lot of the products since I found the website a couple of months back. Now the website is about to be fully launched, I can't wait to share the website with you and let you get some of the inside info on the store. 

If you are a fashion, beauty or even home wear lover I would strongly advise you to take a look at The Upper East website HERE or check out their twitter HERE

Keep checking back if you want to read the interview or follow my twitter HERE for regular updates!

Sixth Form Hype | New Outfit

Since FOR-EVER I have been hyped for getting sixth form clothes. I took note and lusted over what the older girls in sixth form wore. As my style has grown and developed, I've been even more excited to create new outfits and wear them as my own in school. It sounds a bit obsessive but, I love styling so, there you have it!

Below is the outfit I wore on the first day of sixth form. I was really excited to wear this outfit and although we only got to wear our business wear for a couple of hours, (we did bonding exercises in sports clothes) it was so fun to see everybody's style.

I didn't use the bag on the day as I brought it in the new Topshop in town after school, however I returned it today because it was too small! It was a sad situation...

I absolutely love this ring (I'm a bit of a sucker for rings). It's such a cool statement ring & its gold...BEAUT!

These boots are the best shoes ever at the moment! They're a reasonable price from H&M and they are SO comfy! 

My Necklace is from River Island and my nails are Barry M in the shade 317 Blue Moon.

 I love this outfit because it was sort of mirroring the Masculine Tailoring trend going on at the moment whilst adding a girly twist; the top wasn't fitted very much so the silhouette was straight from shoulders to the end of the skirt. The girly twist was added through the bow, which got a few compliments, and the light nail varnish. To add an impact, gold jewelry is my necessity!

I'm looking forward to trying new styles and clothes and I hope it doesn't get boring like some people have said it will!!

New Music Find | Bipolar Sunshine

I can't take credit for this find because Sam, my sisters' boyfriend / Media and Music Geek,suggested it to me!

Bipolar Sunshine is made up of the solo artist, Adio Marchant. His new EP Aesthetics has a really cool, chilled out kind of urbany vibe to it. My favourite song is Fire, which I'll feature below, however all of the other tracks are upbeat and interesting to listen to! He's also created a track with Rudimental, which is incredible!

He raps and sings throughout the EP which makes it even better. In the song Fire, he samples the film The Notebook. This sounds odd when you hear someone say it but placed into the song it is so polished and definitely adds something to the track that no other artists have at the moment. And besides, who doesn't love the Notebook?

Whilst writing this blogpost, I've been listening to Bipolar Sunshine's songs and I came across a cover of A$AP Rocky - Long Live A$AP. 

I really love the album Long Live A$AP and this cover was such an exciting discovery as well as the EP itself!

Thank you Sam for introducing me I guess!

Bipolar Sunshine
Twitter HERE • Website HERE • YouTube HERE

World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week One

Due to my many, many photos and details about my trip it was too hard to squeeze it all into one blogpost! So I've decided to do some posts about each ''Phase'' of the trip. So here's week one!
(Click To Enlarge Photos)

I was really excited but so nervous about leaving England behind for a month! When we got to school to have our 'prep' day, all of our group met up - this is what kind of kick started our experience. I got to chat with my group properly as well.

LEFT: On the way to build up day super excited! RIGHT: Bus to the airport which was so fun!

On the first flight from London to Doha - we were all so excited by this point but by the second areoplane everyone (aside from me and Charmaine, above,) were alseep!

We missed our connecting flight on the first day, so we got a night of accommodation near Kuala Lumpa Local Airport so that we could catch our flight the next day. This worked out quite well because we all got a really good night sleep in a hotel before jetting off to uncertain sleeps!

After we managed to catch our flight and make our way to the Niah Caves National Park. On our first day there I was the team leader. It was quite stressful but it wasn't a very complicated day so it was fun as well! We took a small boat ride over the river to the Niah Caves Museum to take a look around. 

We then went on to do a day trek in the Park bit of the National Park. We only took day bags as it was our 'acclimatisation' trek. It was really enjoyable and although, very very hot, it was a really fun introduction to trekking. We had a few moments, like bridges breaking, aside from that it was really fun!

Above is our accommodation in the Niah Caves and it was so lovely! The plumbing was...temperamental so two dorms ended up using our showers and toilet. Other than that I'd definitely recommend going to the Niah Caves National Park (Sarawak, Borneo)

We then made our way to Miri by taxi and went to the Miri Backpackers Lodge. The times we stayed there ended up to be some of the best sleeps on the trip! I really enjoyed Miri & managed to get some really nice purchases (including Fendi perfume and Ralph Lauren cologne, which I later left at the Miri Backpackers, above!!). 

We had tea at the Ming Cafe when we were in Miri. It was a restaurant and bar; the food there was incredible also. The first time I went I shared a Pizza (nice western food for a change) with Poppy and the second time I shared, Nachos, Bruchetta and Chips with Holly! On the way back to the Backpackers Lodge we passed a night club (bottom right) and everyone was up for a party but it was over 18s or something so we weren't allowed in!

That was the first 6 days of our expedition, sort of condensed. I really enjoyed the first week; there were a few temporarily lost passports, lost keys and  such like however, this was the week our group really started to bond and have fun!

Week Two Coming Soon....

© Holly Anastasia

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