A Taste of Borneo & Malaysia

Due to my increasing tiredness and a speedily decreasing amount of time to organise myself before sixth form, I'm finding it hard to write / create decent blogposts! I really want to share with you every aspect of my trip & the new things happening in the week but obviously, school is coming first at the moment! 

To compensate for this, I just wanted to share with you my trip in a few photos. 
Enjoy X

Taking the bus to Heathrow Airport 

1st of two planes (London to Doha then Doha to Kuala Lumpa International) 

Arriving in Borneo & seeing beautiful palm trees

Niah Caves National Park

Having a rain shower!

Flying to Bario, in smallest plane ever!

1st of 5 days jungle trekking!

Back to Bario

Rest & Relaxation period in Kuala Lumpa Central - eating pretzel sticks!

Day out shopping in Khota Baru on Rest & Relaxation

Perhentian Islands

So there is my month in 27 photos! That's quite condense compared to the countless photos my group have taken! Part of me wishes I went out for longer & took everything in more but the other part of me is so glad to be back and busying myself with school prep!

Can't wait to get all the details off the trip out!

Love From, Anastasia X

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