Did Someone Say Ombre?

After 16 years of having the same brown hair, I decided to try something new with it. I knew that I didn't want to fully dye it as I really like the colour of my natural hair but I was just getting so bored of it. When the Ombre trend came about I was so excited to try it but I wanted to wait a bit so that I knew I wanted to do it - otherwise I'd have to re dye or cut it out!

So the other day Jemima and I decided to Ombre it out!

Goodbye ends! Eek!

We used L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombres No.3 for Dark Blonde to Blonde as Jemima's hair is blonde and mine was quite light from the Borneo sun!

(Excuse my top, I went to see McFly a couple of years ago!)

The dying process was painstakingly long! The instructions say to leave the dye mix in for 45 minutes at most ,but when we washed a little bit of the dye out it hadn't actually done anything. This was really disappointing as I had kind of expected it to be bright blonde already, but it was only light brown. Jemima's hair hadn't actually changed at all so we added more dye and left it in for about another hour!

After the extra hour this is what our hair looked like! I was really happy with the colour of mine although I may go a little bit blonder later on if I want to. Despite looking a little bit lighter in the photo, Jemima's hair didn't look very different at all except a few light streaks. 

This is what my hair looks like now and I absolutely love it! 

After a second and third bleaching, this is Mim's hair. 

Personally, I'm really pleased with the effect the L'Oreal Paris Wild Ombres had on my hair. It left a subtle and soft gradient from my natural hair to the bleached half of my hair, which I really liked. If I redo my hair to make it lighter I might use a dye for darker hair to make the tips lighter. If  you have blonder hair then I'd definitely advise you to buy a dye with a stronger bleach.

Overall, I'm really happy with the Ombre effect I have on my hair now! Thank you L'Oreal!

Going Crazy About... | Electra Heart

Electra Heart by Marina And The Diamonds

A Taste of Borneo & Malaysia

Due to my increasing tiredness and a speedily decreasing amount of time to organise myself before sixth form, I'm finding it hard to write / create decent blogposts! I really want to share with you every aspect of my trip & the new things happening in the week but obviously, school is coming first at the moment! 

To compensate for this, I just wanted to share with you my trip in a few photos. 
Enjoy X

Taking the bus to Heathrow Airport 

1st of two planes (London to Doha then Doha to Kuala Lumpa International) 

Arriving in Borneo & seeing beautiful palm trees

Niah Caves National Park

Having a rain shower!

Flying to Bario, in smallest plane ever!

1st of 5 days jungle trekking!

Back to Bario

Rest & Relaxation period in Kuala Lumpa Central - eating pretzel sticks!

Day out shopping in Khota Baru on Rest & Relaxation

Perhentian Islands

So there is my month in 27 photos! That's quite condense compared to the countless photos my group have taken! Part of me wishes I went out for longer & took everything in more but the other part of me is so glad to be back and busying myself with school prep!

Can't wait to get all the details off the trip out!

Love From, Anastasia X

I'm Back!

Yesterday I got back from my month long World Challenge trip to Borneo & Malaysia!
 It's been such an incredible experience and such a fun month. I've been able to push myself and do things that I never thought I would get the chance to do - Like trekking in the jungle, swimming with turtles & travelling to new countries at 16!

I'm so so happy that I had the chance to do this and I can't really comprehend that the month is over! I just want to thank my amazing group I went with because without them my experience wouldn't have ever come as close to being as incredible as it was!

This next week is going to transform me from a holiday haze to a very busy bee with the many jobs I know have to do! Some of which include preparing for sixth form, buying clothes, major blog refurb! and dying my hair! I'm so excited to share everything & I hope you enjoy all of the upcoming things!

Love From, Anastasia X

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