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I am so excited because some really cool coincidental things happened to me today! 

Firstly - you know when you're just chilling on YouTube, and are about to listen to a good song and are really hyped to listen to it and dance and blah blah blah....then on comes an Advert and it just kills. the. mood. Well I was about to go through this pain in the arse process when the advert turned on and some really intense music came on. I looked at my laptop and it was an advert for Zegna SS 2014 Fashion Show! It was so cray and exciting! So in a minute I'll talk about that...  

The second happy coincidence today was magazine related... One of my massive weaknesses is magazines! This is my collection at the moment
 My favourite consist of CompanyElle, Vogue, American Vogue, InStyle and the free H&M/River Island style guides. I was looking for American Vogue because I love the American version a lot but I couldn't find it (wahh!) I did however, find a Magazine that I've never seen before! It's called The Hunger and is so amazing and cool and ahhh I will blog about it very soon!

ANYWAY - back to this post!

So instead of skipping the advert on YouTube I carried on watching it. It was Zegna's Spring Summer 2014 collection by Stefano Pilati, the new Creative Director for Ermnegildo Zegna Coture. I absolutely loved it! I've never seen a Mens fashion show and it was so interesting!

These are my favourite outfits that were shown. Just watching on YouTube I there was such an intense atmosphere and the soundtrack was so captivating! It had clinky sort of builder sounds mixed with piano and other kind of metallic sounds. The show was so intense and I just couldn't stop watching!

There was a very sort of grungy sort of mood to the show and this completely linked in with the shapes, colours and mood of the clothes. In my opinion the clothes were kind of exaggerated basic shapes, almost like business wear but much more stylish and definitely with more attitude! There were a few patterns and a lot of the fabric was reminiscent of Men's clothes in the 80's. 

I just can't get over how well composed the collection was as it was so fitting with the mood and the tone of the show! It was amazing to see what a menswear fashion show was like as I'd never seen one before (call myself a fashion lover...what??)

I hope you liked this post and were as excited as I was when I found this show! I'll leave you with the video of the fashion show so you can see what I'm gambling on about!

Love From, Anastasia X

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