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Earlier tonight I did a Day In The Life post about my trip to London, as it was such a fun trip and I thought I'd finish today off with a cozy little blog post and some hot chocolate to spread the insomniac love I'm feeling right now! 

To be totally honest, I'm in a slightly bad place in my life right now (I may explain in later post depending on how things pan out) but I thought I'd mention this to you so that whoever reads this knows I'm being honest with you, and myself ;) 

Comfort is coming from small things and tonight it happens to be my new Pajamas! 

I brought them today in Primark and I have fallen in love with them already. They are not sold as a pair but are on the stands next to each other.

The top is produced by Sesame Street and has Elmo on the front with the caption 'SO STREET'; this is so funny and makes me laugh all the time when I'm wearing it!

 The bottoms are really cute little leggings which have 'Care Bears' written all over them. So I'm guessing they're made by the Care Bears company. 

This pairing really takes me back to my childhood and they're so cozy and comfortable and I'm hoping that when insomnia finally takes it's toll and lets me sleep, it will be a glorious event!

If you're having trouble sleeping, or are up all night worrying, just know you're not alone

Sweet Dreams, Love From


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