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I love those moments which start off as a normal situation but one thing happens to change it into an exciting new experience! One of these moments happened to me last week! I was looking for American Vogue on the stand but I think they must have sold out of last month's issue and were waiting for this month's issue to come in. So I looked around on the magazine stacks and this magazine just stuck out to me...

It was HUNGER MAGAZINE. I am absolutely IN LVE with this! It's got such a cool, interesting, edgy vibe! Firstly, I'm not too sure what the title is made out of but its so cray! It's like an oil-spill of letters and it SO eye-catching and enthralling!

Of course it would be cool and crazy if RANKIN is the Editor in Chief... 

Obviously, being a Delevingner, I noticed Cara in her DKNY advert in the front cover! I absolutely adored the way that the layout was so artistic. I mean come on, even the stocklists (circled in pink) made an impact! 

So, obviously, a magazine's first point of call is getting an interesting cover star to capture people and get customer's for their issue BUT another thing that I found intriguing was the total interest in new, unusual or more unheard of people. 
In this issue, there were 5 interviews with people who I've never heard of before. I have learnt that one of these interviewees, Mnek, has produced for A*M*E and The Saturdays. I have obviously been hearing his work before as A*M*E & The Saturdays are both popular, current artists who are in the charts but what flummoxed me was that I didn't know who he was. It just shows how much work goes into a showman's performance!! 

There is just too many interesting, alluring things about this magazine and I am sososo excited by the art section (Yes...there is a WHOLE section devoted to art!) The photo above is of Isabelle Wenzel's work about her pieces/exploration of the human body in motion. I don't really want to explain too much more as I fear I'll get done for copyright or something but I urge to you check out her art as it is so intuitive and intense.  It all links in with her acrobatic ability, hints of feminism and sometimes unintentional comedy. I love it. 
(Izabelle Wenzel's website is HERE for more of her work)

(Who doesn't love a designer editorial....?!)

Gemma Arteton's interview pictures!
There is also an interview from Juno Temple, for all her fans. It's actually a very interesting one!

Yet another thing I admired from this mag was the Illustration that Paul Holland did for Elle Macpherson, Labrinth and Derek Blasberg's. They were really amazing illustrations. My favourite by far was the one for Elle Macpherson.

Obviously, there is a piece on the beautiful Cover Star, Rapper Iggy Azalea. She looks stunning in all the images, as ever! I love how the Photographers and Stylists really captured each person's personality, vibes and look exactly right. It was just so brilliant and captivating to look at.


I found this magazine so inspiring and creative! I think this is something that you don't really find in a magazine anymore; a lot of the time it's just celebrity style and scandals. I think this is why I fell in love with Hunger so much. It really inspired to create something of my own, as I have kind of stopped doing that recently (not too sure why!). I saw this The Show Must Go On editorial, with (Super Model Heidi Klum) and decided I would draw the model and do some kind of Fashion Illustration from here it is!

These were the photos that I based my next fashion illustration-type drawings on.

Below is the video link for her Showgirl video:

  Overall, I think that Hunger is such an intense, amazing, beautifully laid out magazine. It's bold understanding of picking up every aspect of things that people are looking for in incredible. There is a lot of content ( 432 pages precisely) and there is definitely something for everyone. Although it's not you're average, portable handbag read, I do love it very much. In the UK it's only £4.95 which is basically a penny or 1p per page, amazing! In the US its $14.99 and I'm not too sure why it's not equal to the UK...

I hope you enjoyed this kind of magazine review-come-crush-fest... If you read the magazine also let me know what you thought in the comments below!

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Love From, Anastasia X

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