Goodbye For A While | Last Post For A Month!

Hey beauts! Today is the day I go to off to Borneo & Malaysia. Therefore it's also my last post for a WHOLE MONTH! 
I'm so nervous about not being totally in my comfort zone all the time & worried I'll get a horrible disease - although I have so many tablets I'm not sure that could happen!!

I'm so so so excited to be getting away from all the pressures of my life at the moment and I'm kind of glad I won't be worrying about my GCSE results day for a whole summer! It's going to be the craziest, scariest experience I've had so far in my life but I'm so excited to do it and push my comfort zone!

A HUGE thank you goes out to anyone who has supported me in raising the money or helping with my emotional preparation because I definitely needed that!!

Love From, Anastasia X

See you all in a month!

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