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So right now I am sat in a London Dance School's cafe waiting for my sister's results! I felt a little bit like an
unhealthy waste of space sat next to all the pretty dancers, hence why I chose the diet coke! I've just
made it into London, and the commute wasn't bad as we went in late
well after the morning rush hour! I'm going to write this post on-the-go so beware for the changing times!

I did feel really sleepy as we got closer to London due to two nights in a
row of partying and sleepovers and end of term things like that! So I had a little snooze..Zzz Here are some photos of our walk up to The Place, London School Of Contemporary Dance.

It is such a beautiful summery day but it is sometimes clouding over and
getting a littlechilly! So I went for an outfit I could easily adapt if I got too cold
or hot during the day. Its quite similar to my last OOTD post but this
time its a bit edgy and London/City style.

I wore ~White Charity Shop Sunglasses 99p~Mums silver necklace~H&M Grey boyfriend TShirt SIMILAR HERE~Next Denim Jacket~Homemade Floral Skirt (Made by Mum!)~Next High Knee Socks~Converse Red~H&M New Icon Black Pleather Bag SIMILAR HERE

I went for the high knee socks purely for how comfortable they are! I
have so many pairs of them and lovelovelove wearing them but I'm not brave
enough to wear them in public due to the reputation high knee socks
have attached to them! However, today I took the plunge and I am now standing
on Oxford circus opposite Topshop so relieved that I did!

I love seeing people's personal style and different ways to wear
things and my motto in London is 
'there's always going to be someone
wackier than you & if you can't wear it in London, where can you??'

Whilst eating my unhealthy McDonalds in the sun, loads of people were
passing through - I actually saw 2 girls in knee high socks! So I felt
proud for stepping out of my comfort zone! I did get a few weird
looks from a few Londoners but I didn't care as I probably wasn't
going to see them ever again!!!

I brought a couple of pieces in H&M for my summer trip and may or may not talk about those soon (you know how unreliable I am!!)

We made our way back to the tube station to meet my sister in her
lunch break to find out her results (they would be her A Level results
but she did the equivalent of it as she did the IB - international
baccalaureate - which means she took 6 subjects instead of 4!!

On the way I had a bit of a skirt debacle as I came up from an
escalator, the wind swept up my skirt and its was all very Marilyn
Monroe, Fake Hollywood sort of thing! Haha!

She was so tense but she passed and we're all so proud of her! Anyone
who knows about the IB you'll know that its made up of points and she
got a really incredible score,so that's really amazing and now she's going to study Human
Sciences at UCL!

I then picked up a few pieces in Primark! They were all so gorgeous, and a lot of it
was slouchy easy clothes I can wear in Borneo and after/before!

We then had a costa, I had my usual summer fav a Mocha Frappe, and me
and mum shared a Lemon & Poppy seed muffin! Living the Costa liiffe!

I changed my socks to some
ones I brought in Primark as it became TOO HOT to suffer in silence!
This made it so much more comfortable!

Right now I'm on the train listening to Lana Del Rey and I am so so
sooo tired! I can't wait to just lay in my garden and relaaax....and try on all of my clothes of course ;)

Its been such a busy busy day and I think the 3 lessons I have learnt
from it are simple: 
1.I am definitely a City Gurl
 2.I still love London 
3.I can't wait to get home after World Challenge and spend money on

I hope you enjoyed my Day In The Life post! I will definitely be posting my Prom photos tomorrow as I want to share with you what My friends and I wore AND by the end of this week my Hunger Magazine review will be up!

Love You All!! 

From Anastasia X

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