Goodbye For A While | Last Post For A Month!

Hey beauts! Today is the day I go to off to Borneo & Malaysia. Therefore it's also my last post for a WHOLE MONTH! 
I'm so nervous about not being totally in my comfort zone all the time & worried I'll get a horrible disease - although I have so many tablets I'm not sure that could happen!!

I'm so so so excited to be getting away from all the pressures of my life at the moment and I'm kind of glad I won't be worrying about my GCSE results day for a whole summer! It's going to be the craziest, scariest experience I've had so far in my life but I'm so excited to do it and push my comfort zone!

A HUGE thank you goes out to anyone who has supported me in raising the money or helping with my emotional preparation because I definitely needed that!!

Love From, Anastasia X

See you all in a month!

Talented Family Members

Hey guys! I just wanted to do a post about my Nana (or Grandma as some of you might call your's)! 
She is such a talented woman and aside from being a super technical computer whizz, she is incredible at making & creating clothes.

She's made me and my sister quite a few pieces now and we wear them a lot. I love how she's always ahead of the trends and knows what is going on even though she's not come fresh out of a fashion degree haha!

So I thought I'd share with you one of my favourite outfits, solely created by my Nana, that I'm wearing a lot at the moment! And an outfit that I love however, it's only the skirt that she made!

Floral Tulip Skirt - Made by Nana
Top- H&M
Sunglasses- British Heart Foundation Shop

My Favourite Outfit So Far...
Patterned Bralet - Made by Nana
Red Skater Skirt- Made by Nana
Sunglasses- British Heart Foundation Shop 

PHOTOGRAPHER: Katie Brill / Twitter: @KatieBrilliant / Website:

Love From, Anastasia X

Primark Haul Clothes | Closer Look!

So I may or may not have said in my Travel Clothes Haul Here that I would show you the clothes in more detail on my blog! So here's some photos of my fav pieces! Also if in my video you liked a piece of clothing, I've linked everything I could find you can see prices & I've found similar pieces if I couldn't find the exact ones!

Harem Pants
Vest Top: H&M /Similar HERE
Harem Trousers: Primark /Similar HERE
Flatform Shoes: New Look /Similar HERE
Sunglasses: H&M EXACT HERE

Maxi Dress 
awkward modelly pose....
Aztec Print Maxi Dress: Primark /Similar HERE

Tunic Dress

Sunglasses: Primark
Tunic Dress: Primark /Similar HERE
Belt comes with Primark Maxi Skirt Below!

Maxi Skirt

Vest Top: H&M (as above)
Maxi Skirt: Primark /Similar HERE
Sunglasses: H&M (as above)
Sandles: H&M /Similar HERE
Belt came with Maxi Skirt

So those were the outfits I styled and absolutely loved! I had so much fun on this shoot just dancing about and posing in the clothes haha! I really hope you are all liking the photoshoots as I really love the way they look!

PHOTOGRAPHER: Katie Brill /Twitter: @katiebrilliant / Website:

If you've read some of my other posts, you'll know I'm going away soon BUT if you want to stay tuned & get notified of new posts & goings on in my life when I'm home....

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Love From, Anastasia X

Saturday Style Crush | Ryan Gosling

I can't believe it's already been a week! Time is passing so quickly at the moment!

Anyway, if you read my Saturday Style Crush last week you'll know that I asked my readers to suggest one! Today's Saturday Style Crush was chosen by @Delioftheday so check out her twitter she's got such a fun, hilarious twitter account!

I have always been a Ryan Gosling fan; aside from his immense acting talent (The Notebook, The United States of Leland, The Ides Of March, Blue Valentine need I say more!?) He has a very sharp style and always looks super slick at Red Carpets yet rugged on the street, what's not to love!

Okay so, when I edited the photos I didn't spot that he's worn 2 velvet suits recently! The first picture is Ryan at the Golden Globes in 2011, his velvet suit here is by Ferragamo. Ryan at the 'Place Beyond The Pines' premiere (the second from the left) is wearing a Gucci velvet suit. I guess he loves rocking the velvet ;) I think they are my favourite out of the 3 different styles here.

I love the way he layers cardigans, loose shirts and t-shirts with jackets and jumpers. His street style is so casual and easy to replicate! If you're a guy and want a piece of Ryan's street style I think my top tip would be keep it simple & layer - as long as its not hot! I had to put the picture at the end in because I just find it so funny! 

I absolutely love Ryan's style and his street style is a perfect example for an easy, relaxed yet stylish look!

Thanks to @Delioftheday for requesting Ryan Gosling!
Have a lovely weekend everybody!
Love From, Anastasia X

Everything Happens For A Reason

I believe that everything happens for a reason and that good and bad things come in pairs. 

Look for the positive & look past the negative

Vintage House Wife & Runaway Girl | Best Charity Shop Finds

Hey beauties, 
I'm normally a girl that only shops in High Street stores as I love the current fashions and how people play around with them. I've never really shopped in a Charity Shop before, however, with a lot of convincing from a friend I dove right into the charity shop world. 

I hope you liked the photos as I really enjoyed modelling the clothes! I think I'm ready to mix it up and wear my Charity Shop clothes more often! 

The photographer: Jamie-Lee Grady
Her Instagram justjamieg ONLINE HERE | Her Twitter HERE

P.S The Jeans & Suitcase are my sister's and she wanted some recognition, thanks Bethany..

Love From, Anastasia X

Travel Haul | Fashion Items I'm Taking To Borneo & Malaysia

Hey Pups,

I'm getting quite into YouTube recently and wish I could make more videos before I go away but I can't :( 
Today's video is a fashion haul of all the FASHION items I have brought to take away with me!
I hope you like it!

Check out my Youtube Channel Here
Tweet Me: @hollsanastasia

& Remember there's still time to choose/vote for your #SaturdayStyleCrush to be posted on my blog! Follow the instructions HERE.

As I said at the end of my video...
Love From, Anastasia X

Saturday Style Crush | Marina & The Diamonds

Today's Saturday Style Crush was a decision made by Me and my best friend Jemima, as we have been crushing on her for so long! We were even talking about her this week on twitter! 

(ha ha you can see my Lana Del Rey twitter background - Lana and Marina are always shipped together on twitter so I guess I'm in with the #Larina crowd now ;) )

Marina has had such a definite, individual style since I first saw her in her video Hollywood. It was totally crammed with Americana, Patriotic, high school cheer leader type style and I loved it! It was a solid introduction to her style and way of doing things.

Then there's her street style, which by the way is  ♡ TO DIE FOR  
She has a quirky kind of style and it's so out there. She really dresses for her shape - lets face it she has quite a big bust! That's not a bad thing as all the clothes and dresses she wears fit her in the right way and I guess she's embraced it (why not to be honest haha!)

But the thing that completes my stylish-loveaffair with this beautiful Welsh singer is her performing persona! Which Jemima and I described as
"A 60's Bubblegum Vintage Beauty Queen fascinated by Hollywood glamour &Diamonds merging aspects of a Candyfloss fairground attraction Pastel Lovehearts "

I hope you enjoyed today's Saturday Style Crush! 

Because it will be my LAST Saturday Style Crush before I go away AND this is my 50th Post I'm going to do something new! If you're a reader and have a major Style Crush (Male OR Female) and want to see it (and their twitter name) featured on my blog just tweet me a picture of your Style Crush with the hashtag #SaturdayStyleCrush and if I get enough responses I'll choose my favourite and pick one for next week! 

My twitter is @hollsanastasia so you can enter through there or you could comment on this post with the name of your Style Crush!

Also check out Jemima's twitter HERE because she has such funny tweets and cheers me up with them all the time!

Love From, Anastasia X

Why Can't Blog For A While | Borneo & Malaysia Trip

Hey beauties, 
This video is just pre-explaining to you why I am taking a small gap from blogging. It's NOT forever, because I absolutely adore blogging but I'm just taking a little trip.....

By the way this video is un-edited so excuse me for the itchy nose!! 

Love From, Anastasia X

Most Played | Rihanna

So I haven't done a Most Played This Month since my first ever 'Most Played' HERE back in May (woahh!)

This month's most played is a bit of a random one as I've never really been an massive fan of Rihanna. Albeit I do like a lot of her songs and her fashion sense is incredible but I have never seemed to go out of my way to buy an album.

However, in the recent months I started to follow my friend (and blogger) Georgia on twitter and she is a bit of an avid fan! So when I was seeing all of her Rihanna related antics on twitter - such as going to see her LIVE at Twickenham!! I decided to take a real look at her songs.

I absolutely lovelovelove Man Down! It's so different from most of her other songs. It's got an amazing Caribbean vibe and I'm pretty sure that the Steel Pans feature somewhere in there which is a cool little add in. The lyrics are quite sad despite it being quite an upbeat fun song. I think it's about her breaking a man's heart, although she didn't mean to. She also uses his death as a metaphor for him being heartbroken, leading onto her serving time e.g feeling bad for being cruel to him. Its really quite sad...

That being said I have listened to this song SO many times that I think I probably make up 50 percent of the 200,600,000+ views!

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! 

Also I would just like to say that I appreciate all of you who read my blog, even if you've only read this post it means the world! 
I would love it if you could check out Georgia's blog ( as well as I absolutely love it! It's so well written and exciting to read!

Love From, Anastasia X

Summertime Sadness

Yet another late night post from me...I should probably go to bed one of these days!

I just wanted to write a quick little note to alert you all (if you hadn't noticed already) of my new background!

Full Picture
I know you probably won't be able to see the whole thing and I wanted to show you as I am proud of it haha!

I used Microsoft Word and Paint to edit all the photos and put it together so it took a long time. 

I really hope you like it as I really do. 

It may not be the most amazingly composed piece of work but I am finally being creative & Arty again and this makes me so happy...

Have a great night sleep (or a great day due to the time difference!)

Love From, Anastasia X

New Discovery | Hunger Magazine

I love those moments which start off as a normal situation but one thing happens to change it into an exciting new experience! One of these moments happened to me last week! I was looking for American Vogue on the stand but I think they must have sold out of last month's issue and were waiting for this month's issue to come in. So I looked around on the magazine stacks and this magazine just stuck out to me...

It was HUNGER MAGAZINE. I am absolutely IN LVE with this! It's got such a cool, interesting, edgy vibe! Firstly, I'm not too sure what the title is made out of but its so cray! It's like an oil-spill of letters and it SO eye-catching and enthralling!

Of course it would be cool and crazy if RANKIN is the Editor in Chief... 

Obviously, being a Delevingner, I noticed Cara in her DKNY advert in the front cover! I absolutely adored the way that the layout was so artistic. I mean come on, even the stocklists (circled in pink) made an impact! 

So, obviously, a magazine's first point of call is getting an interesting cover star to capture people and get customer's for their issue BUT another thing that I found intriguing was the total interest in new, unusual or more unheard of people. 
In this issue, there were 5 interviews with people who I've never heard of before. I have learnt that one of these interviewees, Mnek, has produced for A*M*E and The Saturdays. I have obviously been hearing his work before as A*M*E & The Saturdays are both popular, current artists who are in the charts but what flummoxed me was that I didn't know who he was. It just shows how much work goes into a showman's performance!! 

There is just too many interesting, alluring things about this magazine and I am sososo excited by the art section (Yes...there is a WHOLE section devoted to art!) The photo above is of Isabelle Wenzel's work about her pieces/exploration of the human body in motion. I don't really want to explain too much more as I fear I'll get done for copyright or something but I urge to you check out her art as it is so intuitive and intense.  It all links in with her acrobatic ability, hints of feminism and sometimes unintentional comedy. I love it. 
(Izabelle Wenzel's website is HERE for more of her work)

(Who doesn't love a designer editorial....?!)

Gemma Arteton's interview pictures!
There is also an interview from Juno Temple, for all her fans. It's actually a very interesting one!

Yet another thing I admired from this mag was the Illustration that Paul Holland did for Elle Macpherson, Labrinth and Derek Blasberg's. They were really amazing illustrations. My favourite by far was the one for Elle Macpherson.

Obviously, there is a piece on the beautiful Cover Star, Rapper Iggy Azalea. She looks stunning in all the images, as ever! I love how the Photographers and Stylists really captured each person's personality, vibes and look exactly right. It was just so brilliant and captivating to look at.


I found this magazine so inspiring and creative! I think this is something that you don't really find in a magazine anymore; a lot of the time it's just celebrity style and scandals. I think this is why I fell in love with Hunger so much. It really inspired to create something of my own, as I have kind of stopped doing that recently (not too sure why!). I saw this The Show Must Go On editorial, with (Super Model Heidi Klum) and decided I would draw the model and do some kind of Fashion Illustration from here it is!

These were the photos that I based my next fashion illustration-type drawings on.

Below is the video link for her Showgirl video:

  Overall, I think that Hunger is such an intense, amazing, beautifully laid out magazine. It's bold understanding of picking up every aspect of things that people are looking for in incredible. There is a lot of content ( 432 pages precisely) and there is definitely something for everyone. Although it's not you're average, portable handbag read, I do love it very much. In the UK it's only £4.95 which is basically a penny or 1p per page, amazing! In the US its $14.99 and I'm not too sure why it's not equal to the UK...

I hope you enjoyed this kind of magazine review-come-crush-fest... If you read the magazine also let me know what you thought in the comments below!

Find me on twitter: @hollsanastasia and connect with me there!

Love From, Anastasia X

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