Saturday Style Crush | Lana Del Rey

I was so surprised it was already Saturday again! Having finished school early has messed with my concept of time, uh oh! Over the past week I have been carefully considering who will be my next Saturday Style Crush, I have so many style crushes it was so hard to choose which one to pick for the 2nd Style Crush!  I decided to go for Lana Del Rey! 

I chose Lana because of her stunning, enigmatic and interesting stage look and her lovely, punky yet pretty casual look. A lot of the time it looks like she has just stepped out of a 60s movie; pouring out glamour and radiance thought her sultry clothes, hair and makeup. 


One other thing I love about Lana's style is her tour style. She didn't have set dresses for songs she wore a different dress for every show. I think this was lovely because it obviously reflected how she was feeling on the night and gave the audience and fans a unique experience! I hope you liked this Saturday Style Crush! 

Love From, Anastasia X


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