My Week In Photos #1

Hey guys! I'm sorry this is a little later than expected but you'll find out why when you get to Sunday!

(from left to right)

1. Monday: I covered some of my art books with my favourite River Island Style Insider Magazines. They look so good now! 2. Monday: A bit of GCSE History revision making a South Africa timeline.

3. Tuesday: Me, my Mum, my Brother and best friend Jemima went to the Harry Potter Studio Tours! This was the robotics used to make the Brooms. 4. Tuesday: We got to sit in the real Weasley car and the Night Bus which was so so so exciting!

5. Wednesday: My Motorway essentials = Company Magazine, Minstrels, iPod and Phone 6. Wednesday: We were on route to my Uncle and Aunt's house to visit them and my lovely baby cousin!

7. Thursday: Whilst everyone else was out I managed to squeeze in some revision...or should I say looking at Gucci's new collections.. 8. Thursday: Bored Holly had to do more revision!!

9. Friday: Thank God for the iPad, I was so excited to share my thoughts on Rihanna's River Island line and I was able to do it sooner than I anticipated! Yay for Blogging on the go! 10. Friday: Me and my very cute cousin Meredith! He posed as soon as I put the camera in front of him!

11. Friday: After a day of buying walking rucksacks and walking boots, my Uncle and I joined the rest of my family in the sun at the Little Morton Tudor House. It was so lovely and sunny and my cousin had a great time. 12. Friday: I was really happy with my make up on Friday and it was so quick to do which was really good!

13. Saturday: An artistic shot of my Diet Coke in the pub after we got back home. I went with my Dad, Siblings and Grandparents. It was such a beautiful day and I had a really lovely Beer Burger.

14. Sunday: This was what the outskirts of my Close looked like at 8:50 in the morning! It was such an amazing, sunny day and me and my sister went for a run.

15. Sunday: Unfortunately on the run I had a little accident and got knocked out/tripped/got concussion and had to go in an ambulance to the hospital! I spent the day there and got a lot of sweets and chocolate from friends and family! I have now got bruised and cut up knees and where the plasters are on the picture I have got massive cuts! Now I can barely open my mouth - no talking for me! Also, the people who called the ambulance and cared for me while it came were SO amazing and kind! I can't really remember them but whoever they were THANKYOU!

I hope you enjoyed My Week In Photos #1! I would have uploaded it yesterday if I wasn't in hospital!

Love From, Anastasia X 

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