My Favourite Eyeliner Looks

Beauty Lovers, this post is for you! 
I am one of those people who has never really perfected the art of eye shadow, or ever really tried... I have become quite the expert, if I do say so myself, of Eye liner. So today I'm going to run you through my 4 favourite eye liner looks that I use on a daily basis.

These are all of the products/tools I used to create these looks.


I think this look is the easiest to do and very quick. It looks good it the day time and great for days when you don't want to use much make up. 

To start off I sharpened the pencil until it reached a good point at the top. Then I drew a tiny line at the end of my top eyelid so that I could mark the height that I wanted easily. 
 I then just connect the line to the middle of my top eye lid. I kept it quite a thin line as I think that looks prettier but it's easily adjustable to what suits you and what you want! (Told you it was easy!)


I like this look because its quite easy to do and a bit of a softer look as opposed to the kind of edgy ones below! For this look I used my L'OREAL PARIS Super Liner Perfect Slim liquid eye liner pen.
(I had to put it in front of the cotton wool pad so you guys could see how slim it was!) 
To start off this look I started at the end of my top eyelid and drew a curve up and then back down again to the middle of my top eyelid. They key to this is just to make sure it looks curvy instead of straight and structured! If it looks pointy at the end of your top lid keep running the pen over it in a curve to make it look softer.


I think this is my personal favourite out of all 4 looks and it's also one I use most for school days as it stands out but it's not too crazy haha! I used Maybelline Eye Studio Gel Liner Black and a paint brush for this look. Yes a's only been used on eyes and it's amazing to use for them. I have been keeping my eyes on some good eyeliner brushes for when I come back though!

I used the tip of the brush to mark out the height that I wanted the point of the liner to be. I then connected the line to the middle of my top eye lid. by doing this, I create a kind of stencil. All you have to do after that is just fill in the gaps!
These are the end results of this Simple but Sharp look! I think this is an easy look as long as you get the height right to start off with! 


I find this one the hardest look to get right as if the flicks are at different angle OCD Me comes out and I have to restart! I used L'OREAL PARIS Super Liner Ultra Precision for this as it is so thin.

So the first step I do is just to draw on the very end of the flick to make sure I can rub it out easily before adding anything else on.

The next step is like many of the others and basically I just connect it up to the middle.
This is the final result of the Cat Eye Flicks!

I hope you enjoyed this post! If you're a blogger and have done something similar or you just know any good tips for eye flicks (good rhyme haha!) then leave a comment with a link to your blog and I'll take a look! Or tweet me: @hollsanastasia

Love From Anastasia X

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