Hey everyone, this is a little bit of an apology for you all!
At the end of May I wrote a post called 'Coming Soon' it basically was a tiny post to let you all know what is coming soon on my blog (kind of self explanatory..oh well!) However, due to things like revision and a certain accident ending in A&E and a week of not being able to talk, I haven't really been able to post a lot of the things I have promised! 

I did manage to get 3 out of 6 posts done ( wooh! ) But I thought that 'My Favourite Eyeliner Looks' and 'How I Create My Favourite Lip Look' might be done better when I don't have a chin scar! 

SO soon you will get, as promised, the Harry Potter Studios Tour post but I'm sorry if you were looking forward to the make up posts because they might come a little later! 

Thankyou for reading and in the mean time, get excited for a Pottery Post! 

Love From, Anastasia X

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