Miss Selfridge Gone 'Great Gatsby'...

The Great Gatsby is a film I am dying to see! I absolutely lovelovelove the 20s to 60s style and this film is crammed with 20s style; flapper girl, sequins and embellished clothing will be all over the cinema screen (I'm hoping anway!) So when I was on Miss Selfridge's website and saw their new Embellishment line I was, obviously, very excited!!  Here are a few of my favourite picks from this line.

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1. Sequin Stud Maxi Dress in Mint Green
I love this dress as it is pretty with an edgy side to it. The colour is beautiful and the mesh skirt overlay makes the dress that little bit more classy. The studs give a more edgy side to the 20's, which I love!

2. Embellished Cut Out Dress in Nude
This dress is so elegant and beautiful. I can imagine this being a staple piece in a 20's girl wardrobe. I love the embellishment jewel going down in a vertical stripe as their so delicate and add to the elegance.

3. Multi Embellished Hardcase in Nude
Although the colour is specified as 'Nude', in comparison to the Nude dress before it I think it's more of a lilacy purple.. but it could look a bit different in real life? I love this clutch as it is small, has a hard case (hence the name) and is therefore a good protection if you drop in and the sequins are so pretty! Looking at the website pictures again I notice that it has a long chain style strap! I'm not sure if this is detachable but either way it is a pretty little thing!

This is actually the prom dress that I chose for my Year 11 prom. I love this as it is such a pretty cut and colour. On the website the sequins look a bit...lets say snazzy.. but in real life the dress doesn't look 'snazzy' at all. I think it is a really lovely dress and the mesh overlay just adds something. I also love the higher mesh neckline as it's a bit different! 

I think this cut of shorts is really lovely as they aren't indecent and they are, usually, extremely comfy. Again, the little embellished jewels are so pretty and I love the way these shorts fall on the models' body.

Another clutch style bag... I love this one as it is a really bold statement bag. The jewels don't look tacky and  it looks like the sort of bag you would see the glamorous girls in the 20's wearing. It is on the more pricey end of the spectrum but if you were looking to make a bit of a statement at an event, I would definitely choose this!

I hope you like these and if you do you can check out the whole Miss Selfridge Embellishment Collection here

Love From, Anastasia X

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