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Hey guys! I normally wouldn't do a post like this because I would just be wasting time writing this one when I could be making the others.. but seeing as my exams are coming to a close I want to keep focusing on them for a while so blogging will be my revision break activity! SO I thought I'd let you know what I'm going to be posting in the coming weeks!

On Tuesday I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I'm super excited for this because I looove Harry Potter! I'm going to take some photos and tell you guys about it!

As I have a pretty exciting half term week coming up I thought I'd do a little 'My Week In Photos' for you all! What will I get up to..who knows?!

My Mum went a bit craazy over the weekend and did a bit of an Avon order! So I picked some of the things I needed and I'll do a bit of a review of them all. I was quite surprised by all of them!

I have always been bad at eye shadow, so I have used eyeliner for ages and now have a few looks that I always do. I'll share these all with you and tell you what I use and how I do it too!

After revealing in my 25 Facts About Me post that I have an insecurity about having dry lips, I have always had loads of lip products. For school I don't want anything too dramatic so I used some different products to create nice colourful but subtle lip look! I'll share that with you too!

I'm also going to do a 'Most Played' post to reveal my favourite album at the moment too!

Keep checking back if you want to see any of these posts or subscribe to get notified of them! I may also do extra posts and things in between the ones I have promised above if I get the chance!

Love From, Anastasia X

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