Cara Delevingne for Marc Jacobs 'Skin Tees'

One of the designers I absolutely LOVE is Marc Jacobs I especially adore all of his perfume adverts for Dot and Oh Lola ( I haven't been lucky enough to try or buy them but I love the adverts and that's all part of it!)

So when I found out that one of my favourite models, Cara Delevingne, was the new addition to the Skin Tees by Marc Jacobs I was going craazzzy! (and the campaign is for a good cause too:  Bonus!)

Back in 2006, Marc Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy (who was diagnosed with Melanoma), started the Campaign 'Protect The Skin You're In'. It is a campaign to raise awareness about skin cancer whilst also raising money for the NYU Skin Cancer Insitute. They have designed these Skin Tees with the slogan 'Protect The Skin You're In' and are selling the at $35.00 or about £26.00. 

The most exciting part of the product is the models that Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy have used on the front of their T Shirts. Models like Kate Upton, Naomi Campbell and newly added, Cara Delevingne are photographed in the nude to match the slogan and the message of the T Shirts. Some might say that having totally naked women on the front of T Shirts is objectifying them and isn't right. In some cases I think this IS true...but in this case not. I think it makes the message the designers are trying to portray more real and raw. I would love to buy one and support the cause as all the sales from these T Shirts goes to the NYU Cancer Institute! (I am on a strict no spending budget so that I can fund raise for my trip so I can't!!) But you can buy them from Marc Jacobs' website here for a VERY reasonable price considering the cause!

Here is a video of the Marc Jacobs Skin Tee gallery opening with Melanoma survivors commenting on how the Protect The Skin You're In campaign has helped them.

Is such a good cause and if I wasn't saving for my expedition I would buy one so I hope you consider it too!

Love From, Anastasia X

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