25 Facts About Me!

I have reached over 1000 pageviews on my blog and I am soo happy about this! So, I have decided to do a little post about me so that all you lovely readers get to know a bit more about me. So here it goes...

1. My middle name is Anastasia and it was going to be my first name but my Mum didn't want me to have to spell it.

2. My favourite colour is red because it symbolises love, winning and danger and who doesn't love red lipstick!

3. I have an older sister and a younger brother - I'm the little middle child

4. When I was younger I wanted to be a famous actress...that plan fell through slightly

5. I have known one of my best friends for a total of 13 years and 8 months!!

6. I took Art, Pe, History and Drama for my GCSEs

7. I started this blog to channel all the things I love into one place

8. I LOVE all the Harry Potter movies.

9. My favourite fashion magazines are Company, Vogue and Elle

10. I am a bit of a shopaholic and love trying out new products and styles.

11. I have an insecurity about dry lips and carry soo many lip products in my bags!

12. My favourite artist is Lana Del Rey

13. I was very shy in my first 3 years of secondary school

14.  My favourite era of time is the American culture from the 40s - 60s

15. In Sixth Form, I am hoping to study Art and Design, Art Graphics, Drama and History

16. I easily get stressed and I have a bad habit of clenching my teeth.

17. I am really really interested in Kennedy's assassination and it was the most interesting part of my GCSE course.

18. I absolutely love the sun as it makes everyone so happy but I also love the snow!

19. One of my best friends is also called Holly and another is called Molly! OLLY OLLY OOH OOH OHH

20. My Grandad and Nanny used to own their own sports shop and I have a lot of good memories visiting it ( I also love the smell of sports shops now because of this)

21. Tyger Drew-Honey once waved at me because I went to Friday Download to see my friend Georgia present the show and she pointed me out to him!

22. I love Nandos but I have never eaten the chicken!

23. I have a dog called Murphy and he is a Border Collie Bassett Hound cross

24. I spend most of my time reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube and doing Art coursework

25. My first ever music concert was P!NK and I went with my mum haha!

Love From, Anastasia X

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  1. Finns fortfarande jättemycket fint kvar i bloppisen!
    Så in och shoppa loss hos mig, allt till grymma priser!
    Sakerna kan självklart skickas.

    Vi ses! :)


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