Love List #1 | Rihanna For River Island

Hey guys! I'm a little bit of a holiday at the moment but I couldn't keep my excitement for this to myself!

For those of you who don't know ( if you don't have you been living under a rock for the past couple of months?! ) ... River Island have FINALLY released Rihanna's new line!

 Above is a picture of her show at London Fashion Week, the staging was so powerful and you really got a feel for the clothing! When I saw the show ( on my computer, as I wasn't lucky enough to go in person ) I got soo excited for her line! 


                               Rihanna looking beautiful on stage of her show.

I really really wish I was allowed to spend money right now as I would be be in the shops buying all of this LoveList! But alas, I will just share with you some of my favourite pieces!


First of all I lovelovelove this Black Rihanna Crop T-shirt! It's so structured and yet so pretty. It would be amazing in a monochrome wardrobe as well. 


This Black Rihanna Floral Print Sheer Shirt is lovely! I would pair this with Disco Pants and a brightly coloured bag and some studded jewellery to give it a bit more attitude. Or play it down with jeans. I would love this as you could wear it with basically anything! LLYMLRS featured it in one of her OTTD as well!

A more casual piece from her line this Pink Stripe Rihanna Roll Sleeve Tank Top. It's also one of the more dainty pieces in her line and you can wear it effortlessly with any trousers, it would also be very pretty in the summer. The rolled sleeves add a bit more of a punky side to this pretty top.


Black Rihanna Tattoo Pendant Trucker Hat. This isn't a thing I would normally pick but I am so into these trucker style hats at the moment. I love this one especially because of the leather contrast at the front of the hat as well as the pendant on the front! 


As its Summer, the weather is *hopefully* getting warmer so you can never have enough Crop Tops! This Black Rihanna Knot Front Crop Top is a simple piece that can be teamed with so many different pieces!

The last thing on my LoveList are these Black Rihanna Barely There Stilettos. These are not the type of shoe I would go for but I really love these! They're so simple and you can dress them up or down so easily. 

When I come back after summer I will definitely be looking to see if any new seasons of her line have been/are being released!!

Check out Rihanna's line on the River Island website.

                          Love From, Anastasia X

Mini Avon Haul | Review

Hey guys this is a video of my Avon haul! I hope you like it! 

Love From, Anastasia X

Most Played

She & Him - Volume 3

 Since its release I have been playing this album over and over and over! Which, admittedly probably wasn't as fun for my family as it was for me... Nevertheless it is still my favourite album of the past month.

She & Him are made up of Zooey Deschanel, who is also a well known actress, and M. Ward. The duo now have 4 albums and the third is by far my favourite.

Most of the songs are very fun and good songs to sing along to, some are quite stripped and soothing as well! I also love this album because a lot of the songs are really summery and as it is getting to that time of year again it fits so well. 

There is a sort of old, vintage vibe from some of the songs and this is also something I really enjoy. Zooey's voice goes so well with their music and  this is another reason why I love the album!
If you get a chance, check their album out or have a look on their website here! But I'll leave you with this video of 'I Could've Been Your Girl'

Love From, Anastasia X

End Of An Era | Year 11 Leavers

Today was a bit of a sad day for me as I have finally come to the end of my compulsory 5 years at School! Despite hopefully going back after summer to do 2 years of Sixth Form, it was really sad to see some of my best friends leave!! We all had a really lovely day and it was nice to say thank you to all my teachers! 
We had a Leavers assembly where people made videos to celebrate our year group, they were all really funny! We also got our Leavers Hoodies with our nicknames on it. I had such a good day and I will miss everyone who left today and wish them luck in the future at their new schools or collages!

welcome to the thug lyf

Guuurls X

Guuurls X

Me and Katie X

Year group dodge ball is so crazy!

Guuurls X

These are me and my best friend Holly's leavers hoodies! I am #THINGTWO ! (because I'm younger!)

My Best Boys X

Bus Love X

Best Boy Joey P X

The Science Crew 

My Best Gurls XOX

I just wanted to say a very big thank you to all my friends that I have made over the last few years! I've had so much fun with you all and have loved spending time with you all. Good luck to anyone who is leaving Waddy and going onto other schools or collages, you will be missed X

P.S.  HOLLA to my best gurls! They have helped me so much through life these past year and I feel so privalaged to have had these beauties in my life! Thankyou so much girls X

Love From, Anastasia X

Coming Soon..

Hey guys! I normally wouldn't do a post like this because I would just be wasting time writing this one when I could be making the others.. but seeing as my exams are coming to a close I want to keep focusing on them for a while so blogging will be my revision break activity! SO I thought I'd let you know what I'm going to be posting in the coming weeks!

On Tuesday I'm going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour and I'm super excited for this because I looove Harry Potter! I'm going to take some photos and tell you guys about it!

As I have a pretty exciting half term week coming up I thought I'd do a little 'My Week In Photos' for you all! What will I get up to..who knows?!

My Mum went a bit craazy over the weekend and did a bit of an Avon order! So I picked some of the things I needed and I'll do a bit of a review of them all. I was quite surprised by all of them!

I have always been bad at eye shadow, so I have used eyeliner for ages and now have a few looks that I always do. I'll share these all with you and tell you what I use and how I do it too!

After revealing in my 25 Facts About Me post that I have an insecurity about having dry lips, I have always had loads of lip products. For school I don't want anything too dramatic so I used some different products to create nice colourful but subtle lip look! I'll share that with you too!

I'm also going to do a 'Most Played' post to reveal my favourite album at the moment too!

Keep checking back if you want to see any of these posts or subscribe to get notified of them! I may also do extra posts and things in between the ones I have promised above if I get the chance!

Love From, Anastasia X

Miss Selfridge Gone 'Great Gatsby'...

The Great Gatsby is a film I am dying to see! I absolutely lovelovelove the 20s to 60s style and this film is crammed with 20s style; flapper girl, sequins and embellished clothing will be all over the cinema screen (I'm hoping anway!) So when I was on Miss Selfridge's website and saw their new Embellishment line I was, obviously, very excited!!  Here are a few of my favourite picks from this line.

(Remember to click the pictures to enlarge)

1. Sequin Stud Maxi Dress in Mint Green
I love this dress as it is pretty with an edgy side to it. The colour is beautiful and the mesh skirt overlay makes the dress that little bit more classy. The studs give a more edgy side to the 20's, which I love!

2. Embellished Cut Out Dress in Nude
This dress is so elegant and beautiful. I can imagine this being a staple piece in a 20's girl wardrobe. I love the embellishment jewel going down in a vertical stripe as their so delicate and add to the elegance.

3. Multi Embellished Hardcase in Nude
Although the colour is specified as 'Nude', in comparison to the Nude dress before it I think it's more of a lilacy purple.. but it could look a bit different in real life? I love this clutch as it is small, has a hard case (hence the name) and is therefore a good protection if you drop in and the sequins are so pretty! Looking at the website pictures again I notice that it has a long chain style strap! I'm not sure if this is detachable but either way it is a pretty little thing!

This is actually the prom dress that I chose for my Year 11 prom. I love this as it is such a pretty cut and colour. On the website the sequins look a bit...lets say snazzy.. but in real life the dress doesn't look 'snazzy' at all. I think it is a really lovely dress and the mesh overlay just adds something. I also love the higher mesh neckline as it's a bit different! 

I think this cut of shorts is really lovely as they aren't indecent and they are, usually, extremely comfy. Again, the little embellished jewels are so pretty and I love the way these shorts fall on the models' body.

Another clutch style bag... I love this one as it is a really bold statement bag. The jewels don't look tacky and  it looks like the sort of bag you would see the glamorous girls in the 20's wearing. It is on the more pricey end of the spectrum but if you were looking to make a bit of a statement at an event, I would definitely choose this!

I hope you like these and if you do you can check out the whole Miss Selfridge Embellishment Collection here

Love From, Anastasia X

'The Road To Coachella' By TOPSHOP

I just went for a look on Topshop this morning (an average morning for me..) to look for Prom shoes and other pieces that I could look at and share with you when I stumbled across this! Its a short film featuring Kate Bosworth modelling Topshops' new festival line! Most of the clothes are amazing and so festivally and if you're one of the lucky ones who are going to a festival I would advise you to watch it as the pieces are stunning!


Love From, Anastasia X

Review | Barry M Gelly Nail Paint

Painting my nails is one of my favourite things to do as they look so amazing afterwards and it's a really relaxing little thing to do! I have a lot of nail varnishes and the majority of them are Barry M. Barry M nail paints are definitely one of my favourite brands of nail varnishes as they have amazing colours and always look beautiful afterwards. Today I used the Barry M Hi Shine Gelly Nail Paint in Blueberry! I chose this colour because it's a colour I don't have in my collection already (plus it's really pretty!)

I applied a clear base coat to start and then put the Barry M on top. I noticed that the Gelly Nail Paint is much thicker than the normal Barry M paint and I absolutely loved this as it meant I only had to apply one coat to my nails and normally I have to put on 3-4 coats before it gets a good coverage!

The colour is one I adore! It looks a tiny tiny bit different in the photos, as the lighting made it look a bit lighter... But it really is gorgeous, its a bit deeper than the photos and more of a lilacy colour. It's so pretty and will look so good with summer outfits. 

Despite being told that the Gelly Paints took ages to dry, I found that they dried quicker than normal. It may be because I didn't have to apply 4 blooming coats!! Nonetheless I was able to finish painting in a matter of minutes, which was a lovely surprise. 

I would definitely recommend the Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly Nail Paints to all of you reading. They are so easy and quick to use and the colour range is beautiful! 

UPDATE: I've now had a few days of wearing them and in between putting the varnish on and now, they have stayed on completely! It's really surprised me because with normal nail varnishes you get a few chips but so far, I've had none!

Love From, Anastasia X

A Bit of a Fun New Girl Post!

For those of you who know me well (and if you don't you'll find out now!) I LOVE New Girl. Its my favourite program of all time! Living in the UK means that we haven't seen any of the new episodes! I absolutely cannot wait for the new episodes and today when I was on a bit of a New Girl hype I found this... I hope you liked it as much as me!

Love From, Anastasia X

Cara Delevingne for Marc Jacobs 'Skin Tees'

One of the designers I absolutely LOVE is Marc Jacobs I especially adore all of his perfume adverts for Dot and Oh Lola ( I haven't been lucky enough to try or buy them but I love the adverts and that's all part of it!)

So when I found out that one of my favourite models, Cara Delevingne, was the new addition to the Skin Tees by Marc Jacobs I was going craazzzy! (and the campaign is for a good cause too:  Bonus!)

Back in 2006, Marc Jacobs and his business partner, Robert Duffy (who was diagnosed with Melanoma), started the Campaign 'Protect The Skin You're In'. It is a campaign to raise awareness about skin cancer whilst also raising money for the NYU Skin Cancer Insitute. They have designed these Skin Tees with the slogan 'Protect The Skin You're In' and are selling the at $35.00 or about £26.00. 

The most exciting part of the product is the models that Marc Jacobs and Robert Duffy have used on the front of their T Shirts. Models like Kate Upton, Naomi Campbell and newly added, Cara Delevingne are photographed in the nude to match the slogan and the message of the T Shirts. Some might say that having totally naked women on the front of T Shirts is objectifying them and isn't right. In some cases I think this IS true...but in this case not. I think it makes the message the designers are trying to portray more real and raw. I would love to buy one and support the cause as all the sales from these T Shirts goes to the NYU Cancer Institute! (I am on a strict no spending budget so that I can fund raise for my trip so I can't!!) But you can buy them from Marc Jacobs' website here for a VERY reasonable price considering the cause!

Here is a video of the Marc Jacobs Skin Tee gallery opening with Melanoma survivors commenting on how the Protect The Skin You're In campaign has helped them.

Is such a good cause and if I wasn't saving for my expedition I would buy one so I hope you consider it too!

Love From, Anastasia X

(A slightly strange) May 2013 L♥VES

Some of you may have read my post 'Favourite Fashion and Beauty Buys of April 2013' and normally I would be doing one of these at the end of May 2013 talking about my favourite buys from this month.

 However, these next few months are not going to be very normal for me; I will be juggling (not very well) revision, fundraising, the general problems of life and my blog. This is got me in a bit of a muddle and seeing as I don't have the time to post it later on in the month, or the money to hit the shops I thought I would do this post in a slightly different way. I hope you enjoy it still!

So here are my May Loves. . .


CROP TOPS: I absolutely love crop tops and at the moment there are some amazingly structured and very pretty ones around! 
From left to right: Aqua Jacquard Crop Top, River Island, Pink Crop Tee, TopshopCream Embellished Neck Tank Top, River Island.

Statement Prints

Statement prints are everywhere at the moment and I am loving them! There are so many daring prints and pairing them with different prints is what a lot of designers and magazines are doing at the moment.
From left to right: 1971 Molly Blue Printed Mini Shorts, Reiss, Motel Body, Topshop, Black and White Print shorts H&M

Pretty Hair Accessories

I have been oogling over Crown and Glory's flower crowns since they first got featured in Company Magazine last summer, now I really want one! They're so pretty and make a statement, the top off any outfit. I am also loving pretty headbands and flowery accessories.
From left to right: Whole Lotta Rosie Headband, Crown and Glory, Mirabelle Flower Aliceband, Accessorize

Make Up/Hair

Some of my favourite make up products are also featured in my 'April Favourites' post here. So check that out if you want pictures, full reviews and pricing of the products! L'Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Base Pure light primer (such a long name!!), Rimmel London Wake Me Up Foundation, Super Liner Perfect Slim Eyeliner and the Apocolips Lip Laquers. However some new products that I have been loving are some hair products. (This post is becoming a bit hair orientated.. Oops!) 

Moroccon Oil: I a sucker for haircare products. My hair is so easily damaged and I style it quite a lot using straightners but if I don't I still use a hair dryer - this is all more and more heat damage so Morocon Oil is officially my hair's saviour! It is a bit more on the expensive side of the money spectrum BUT whatever you pay is truly worth it. You can use it on wet hair before you blow dry. Or on dry hair before styling. It makes your hair so smooth and there are noticably less split ends after using it for a while!
V05 Give Me Moisture Shampoo and Conditioner: I only brought this recently as my usual set (Tresemme) had run out and these were on offer. I had seen loads of adverts for them and I instantly liked it, mainly because the packaging was pretty. So now that I have tried it I can testify that they are amazing! I haven't used it after blow drying because I normally sleep on my wet hair to stop the build up of split ends BUT when I wake up in the morning, my hair is so soft and smooth so I will be buying these babies again!

My final product I have be loving is the L'Oreal Studio Matt & Messy Salt Spray. I love love love salt sprays as they give your hair such a beachy relaxed look. I especially love using salt sprays on curly, tousled hair. This L'Oreal salt spray is my number one spray for a few reasons. Firstly it smells UH-MAZING; in most salt sprays you get a really disgusting seaweed-mixed-with-sand-and-wet-dog-and-salty kind of scent (yuck) but this spray doesn't have this. It has got that kind of beachy, salty tinge to it but it also has a lovely smell that reminds me of hairspray and I love this because it's really not overpowering at all!

I hope you all enjoyed this although it is a really muddley sort of out of place post.. haha!
Love From, Anastasia X

25 Facts About Me!

I have reached over 1000 pageviews on my blog and I am soo happy about this! So, I have decided to do a little post about me so that all you lovely readers get to know a bit more about me. So here it goes...

1. My middle name is Anastasia and it was going to be my first name but my Mum didn't want me to have to spell it.

2. My favourite colour is red because it symbolises love, winning and danger and who doesn't love red lipstick!

3. I have an older sister and a younger brother - I'm the little middle child

4. When I was younger I wanted to be a famous actress...that plan fell through slightly

5. I have known one of my best friends for a total of 13 years and 8 months!!

6. I took Art, Pe, History and Drama for my GCSEs

7. I started this blog to channel all the things I love into one place

8. I LOVE all the Harry Potter movies.

9. My favourite fashion magazines are Company, Vogue and Elle

10. I am a bit of a shopaholic and love trying out new products and styles.

11. I have an insecurity about dry lips and carry soo many lip products in my bags!

12. My favourite artist is Lana Del Rey

13. I was very shy in my first 3 years of secondary school

14.  My favourite era of time is the American culture from the 40s - 60s

15. In Sixth Form, I am hoping to study Art and Design, Art Graphics, Drama and History

16. I easily get stressed and I have a bad habit of clenching my teeth.

17. I am really really interested in Kennedy's assassination and it was the most interesting part of my GCSE course.

18. I absolutely love the sun as it makes everyone so happy but I also love the snow!

19. One of my best friends is also called Holly and another is called Molly! OLLY OLLY OOH OOH OHH

20. My Grandad and Nanny used to own their own sports shop and I have a lot of good memories visiting it ( I also love the smell of sports shops now because of this)

21. Tyger Drew-Honey once waved at me because I went to Friday Download to see my friend Georgia present the show and she pointed me out to him!

22. I love Nandos but I have never eaten the chicken!

23. I have a dog called Murphy and he is a Border Collie Bassett Hound cross

24. I spend most of my time reading blogs, watching videos on YouTube and doing Art coursework

25. My first ever music concert was P!NK and I went with my mum haha!

Love From, Anastasia X
© Holly Anastasia

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