When 'Ordinary' Meets 'Celebrity'

Being a 'Celebrity' is a strange concept. They are normally people who have used their talent to become well known or 'famous'. I don't see anything wrong with being one but the whole notion of the celebrity life is an interesting one. Celebrities are essentially normal, ordinary people who other people idolize, admire and look up to.

I started thinking about this today when I tweeted Caspar Lee, a Youtuber, saying:

I tweeted this as I had decided to have his videos running as 'background noise' to revision. However, after having watched 20 videos and finished 1 mind map, I realised this method did not work...

Thinking the tweet would get no notice, I went back to my revision. When I checked my Twitter, no more than 10 minutes later, my Interactions went mad! I had a lot of retweets; one of which, I found out on further inspection, was Caspar Lee himself. Being a huge fan of Caspar and his videos, I went a bit crazy at the fact he retweeted me to his 404,602 followers...and now he is partially aware of my existence. I started to become, embarrassingly, a bit fan-girly. Jumping, screaming and smiling happened for about 20 minutes. That is along with calling up multiple people and leaving them messages that probably came out as many screams and the occasional shout of 'Caspar Lee', 'Twitter' and 'retweet'.

After the initial shock, I started to question why I felt so much happier after the whole event. Was it because I have, as of now, 47 retweets and 110 favourites on my tweet? Was it because I gained a lot more followers?

No, I felt happier because Caspar, who I have found entertaining in times of boredom, unhappiness and procrastination, has shared something I said and taken note of me. However, if I had tweeted 'How did I think re-reading @hollytaylor36 's texts would help me with revision' and she retweeted that, I would have laughed and carried on with my day. What is it about fame, popularity and recognition that changes the way you perceive someone?

I haven't worked it out yet.

Do you find the idea of 'Celebrity' appealing? Can you work out why? Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts. I'll also leave you with a print screen of my tweet on Caspar's twitter account and if you get a chance, check out Caspar Lee's Youtube. He is a really hilarious guy! Love From, Anastasia X

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