My 5 Favourite Ways To Deal With Stress!

For me, as it may be for some of you, I find it extremely difficult to cope with the pressure of exams and work. I have so much going on at the moment and with added pressure of exams I've ended up becoming very stressed. Although I have now finished 2 GCSEs, I still have all my other major exams to go. Eeek!! So  I have been looking into ways to cope with stress and I am going to share them with you, as I found some really interesting and, as these have helped me, they could help you too!


I love this one because I love to be positive for the most part. It makes a lot of problems a lot easier to deal with and helps me to look on bad things and see how they could be turned into something good.On an especially bad day (or every day if you find this works for you), a way to relieve yourself from stress is to write a list of all the good things that happened on that day. This is supposed to start to change your outlook on life a bit and embrace the bad things whilst tackling them with a positive attitude. Just remember, every cloud has a silver lining!


This is a simple tip for relieving stress; talk about it. However big or small the problem is, someone you know  will be willing to listen. One thing I would definitely advise would be to share your problems with at least one person you trust. It doesn't even have to be your closest friend, but someone that could listen and just prevent you from worrying about it all the time.


Although you may be someone who always thinks of others first, everybody needs 'Me Time'. At least once a week give yourself a couple of hours off from revision, work and errands and relax. Taking time out to do what you want to do will create a gap between other people's lives and yours; making you the priority means you can have time to reflect on how you are feeling. Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are important too!

4. The Achievement List

I think this one really helps me personally as I find it hard to recollect how much I have achieved in the day and what I still need to complete during the week. It also helps you to clear your mind of what you have to do the next day, making sleeping easier as you are not worrying about it. The process is basically drawing these worries out of your mind and onto paper. Write down all the things you are worrying about and what you want to achieve the next day onto a piece of paper. At the end of the next day, you can see how much you have achieved. Creating a routine of this will also be helpful as it stops the problems building up!

5. Sleep!

This is one of the most important of my list, along with being one of my favourites! Having a good sleeping pattern is so important to coping with stress, especially in the exam period. I've started to set up a routine giving myself a couple of hours before going to bed to get ready and relaxed, then wake up at a reasonable time. Personally, I prefer to wake up earlier so I feel as though I haven't wasted a day, but whatever fits for you is best as it needs to be a routine that you're comfortable with.

I hope these tips help you as much as they are helping me! Love From, Anastasia X

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