Comfort Zone Vs Adventure

In a few months I am going to Borneo and Malaysia for about 4 weeks in the summer. I'm going with people from my school and a company called World Challenge. It's going to be the most exciting, hellish, crazy experience of my life so far; I'm excited yet extremely fearful of it at the same time. I have gotten way past the state of not wanting to go and now I've realised that I have to.

As the summer is getting nearer, it's gotten me thinking about Comfort Zone VS Adventure. I've been contemplating whether it's better to feel safe and know your path in life, or to have adventure and live a bit closer to wild side.
After much contemplating and searching, I found a few photos that have persuaded me to look on the positive side of my upcoming trip.

'A Ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are made for'. I think that this is a really important message, and its also one that I have really taken into consideration whilst thinking about my trip.

If you know me, you know that I am incredibly materialistic! I find security in family and friends, as do most. Yet I still like to make myself feel okay by a bit of retail therapy and make up. So going away without all of this for 4 weeks I'll be a bit like a fish out of water!

What is scaring me most about this trip is that during this summer everything will change. For most of it, I won't be there to see it happening.

However, I think this trip is something I have to do. The ship can't stay in the port forever, if it did, it would have reached it's full potential. I need to branch out and explore the world. I need to leave the security of my cozy home and try out new things. I'll be blogging in the run up to this trip and hopefully you'll get more of a feel for how big of a deal this trip is for me. However, I want to leave you with this picture as it sums up how I think we should look at opportunities like this. Because, in my view, whatever it is you're stalling to get on with, you should do it.

Love From, Anastasia X

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