Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny has come at long last! I hope you are all enjoying some Easter treats and use today to have a bit of a nice relaxing day. I love Easter especially because I spend the whole day with my wonderful family and friends and it's such an enjoyable time! 

On Easter mornings, traditionally, my family wake up early so that me, my brother and my sister can go on an easter egg hunt. In the past this was always an exciting time for us but as we've all got older it's more about the chocolate than the hunt itself. However, today I was really up for the hunt, so I did the leg work and my siblings solved the clues! 

We got our Easter eggs and we found that our Mum had spend time making cute little baskets with fake grass and spring type things on it! It was so sweet and there was lots of yummy things in there. Mum, as she is so lovely, brought me the Lindt Bunny that came with ears; they are so furry and cute! My sister's boyfriend even got me an egg so I have a lot in my Easter store for the next few weeks... If it lasts that long! 

My family spent most of the day at family friends and they cooked us a luurvely meal with so much food that I think I'll be full for a few weeks. It was so entertaining spending time with them and we had such a laugh. 

I hope you are also enjoying today as much as I am and you enjoy the rest of this Easter time.

Love From, Anastasia X 

Welcome to the Future

Change. It's something that is happening increasingly quickly for me at the moment. This is mainly due to the fact that I am in the run up to one of the most pivotal moments in my life; GCSEs. For some of you, this stage may be behind you. For me, it's just starting. 

I didn't realise before now, but I am really scared. SO scared. The future seems so far away yet so excruciatingly close at the same time. I've realised now that from the beautiful age of 0 to 15 years, I have been living my life so easily. Although there have been some big bumps along the road and one huge hole that have slowed me down, it was quite an easy road until now. I have learnt to accept the problems in my life and this has been a lot easier with the help of my beautiful family and friends. However, at 16, it feels like I am living my life at 100mph. I am making decisions that are going to effect many aspects of my future life

'Eighty per cent of life's most defining moments take place before you are 35' - Elle, April 2013

This quote from Elle struck me as I can't get over how quick that is! Last night I was shocked at how little time I have left to do my best in my GCSEs. I was talking to my sister about how this upset me as I cant see myself into next week, let alone at 35 years old! Then she said something that inspired me and motivated me to carry on. She said 'you'll surprise yourself with how independent you can be. You just have to work hard and you'll achieve

This is when I realised; all these bumps and holes in the road aren't going to kill me, they'll be hard, but they won't stop me from achieving my dreams. I just have to grit my teeth and welcome my future with a smile.

Love from, Anastasia X
© Holly Anastasia

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