Beyoncé : Visual Album | Review

So after a couple of weeks of absolutely immersing myself in Beyoncé's new Visual Album I've decided to do a quick post about it. I've only recently become a fan of Beyoncé but have quickly become a little bit addicted...

When I heard she was releasing a new 'visual album' and that there was going to be 17 videos & 14 new songs I was a bit skeptical of whether all of the songs and videos would be good or whether there would be some 'filler' songs. However, I was totally blown away with the quality of the songs and all the videos. I may be slightly bias towards her as I am a bit of a fan now, but there's no denying that Beyoncé has a real talent.

Rings Are My Thing | Ring Lookbook

Hey everyone, I hope everyone is having a lovely Christmas Eve! I just posted a video I've been making on YouTube, take a look! I hope you enjoy the crazy music provided by YouTube...I was actually vibing to Beyonce's new album whilst filming!

Merry Christmas you lovely people! 

Tartan Lovers | How I Style Tartan

A few weeks ago I had a photo shoot with my friend Katie. I styled all my own looks, and although I only have a H&M bag and rings in the photos, Katie used the photos for her Photography and created a H&M campaign. The shoot came out really well and I'm really pleased with the result. I took inspiration from the tartan takeover on the high street.


World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week 4

So this is my last post about my World Challenge journey! It's the final week and this means REST & RELAXATION!!

We started off our week by visiting a hospice for disabled and abandoned children and adults in the Taman Negara area. We knew that this would be an overwhelming experience as most of us had never been in an environment as full on as this. However, we knew that the people in the hospice were just the same as us and we ended up having THE best time with everyone there! We even learnt how to Bollywood dance and spent most of the second day dancing!

EAT SLEEP BLOG REPEAT | Sleek Make Up Review

One of my friend changed the 'Eat Sleep Rave Repeat' song to a blogger appropriate version - Eat Sleep Blog Repeat. I found it really funny as that is what most active bloggers do! 
So I'm going to stay true to the line and blog some more! 
Today's blog is a long awaited Sleek make up review! I've been using products from Sleek for a while after Superdrug brought them into their store. 
So here is my review of the Contour & Highlighting Pallet, The Luminare Concealer and the Eyebrow Kit. I've also included a look that I've been wearing over the past few weeks that I'm loving.
(Pictures below review)

A Level Art

At the moment in art I've been exploring fame, power and the media. Being so accessable to the public through things like Twitter and Instagram, Cara Delevingne falls into this topic.

I love drawing Cara as she has such a charasmatic personality and uses her facial expression to show how she's feeling or how she wants to come across at that particular time.

For these pieces below, I used her editorial from INDUSTRIE magazine when're they discussed the topic of her fame and how it came into being.

OOTD | Simple LBD

I just found this photo taken by Jemima a few days after I came back from Borneo! I'm wearing a LBD that I bought in Malaysia from H&M! It's such a simple outfit but I loved wearing it! 

Everything I'm wearing in the photo is H&M ... Whoops haha!

I've also just got Instagram for my blog, which I'm going to update with post previews & updates! So if you want to follow me my user name is LOVEFROMANASTASIA see you on Instagram!

OOTD | New Hair and Dinner With Molly

Today I went out on a cute little date with my friend Molly, it was so so lovely to catch up with her. We went to Pizza Express - I recommend the American Pizza on a big base, one of the best! After that romantic meal we went to Sainsbury's, brought lots of treats and had a lovely sleepover!

I love this outfit as it's so relaxed yet looks really urban and chilled out. I wore a new top I bought in the Topshop sale and paired it with my Topshop Joni Jeans! I ended up wearing my White low top Converse as well.

Hair Take Two | Life Style Salon

A couple of weeks ago I decided to have a bit of a hair revamp and go to the hair dressers for the first time in what seemed like years! I go to Lifestyle salons and although normally, I get my hair cut by the trainee hair dressers because they are cheaper than the professionals! However, I had a 50% off voucher sent to me so I went the whole hog and got my hair done with a professional stylist!

I didn't want it cut much different aside from more shaping around my face so that my side fringe sits in it more nicely - and of course a split end trim! They also curled my hair which was a lovely treat!

I tweeted this picture to my profile after a few hours of pampering at the salon!

Lifestyle are an amazing salon to go to; they give you refreshments, a head massage during the hair washing process - which by the way is absolute heaven after a long day! - and they use really good products on your hair so you leave feeling like you have the best hair on the planet!

I got a goody bag for having a stylist cut my hair for the first time, which was a lovely surprise to end the experience! Here's some of the things I got...

A Lifestyle salon booklet with offers on my next stylist cut

2 50% off vouchers - if I recommend a friend, both of us get our next stylist cut half price!

4 Sachets of the KMS California Moist Repair range! - These were an absolute treat to find in my goodie bag as I LOVE the KMS California produucts but only get to use them when I get my hair cut once in a blue moon! 

I got 2 shampoos and 2 conditioners - they are absolutely amazing and give you so much moisture and make your hair feel super super soft!

I absolutely love Lifestyles and I'll link their website below if you want to take a peek! I also took some pictures of what my hair looks like now after growing in a bit and have posted them on my blog HERE so you can take a little look if you like!


Going Crazy For.. Funeral Suits

After a bit of YouTube Hitch hiking I found this incredible band - Funeral Suits. They have a really cool sound; they remind me a bit of the Kooks and the Wombats.

 I love the video for 'All Those Friendly People' as it's so quirky and cool I can't get over it - although it's a bit odd and I'm not really sure what it's supposed to mean...

I'll definitely be buying their album soon!

Check them out:

World Challenge Borneo & Malaysia | Week Two

Picking up where I left off in my last World Challenge post... here's week two!

After spending a bit of time in Miri, we took a flight to Bario, a small town in Borneo. We flew in two groups because not all of our group could fit on the plane and for some of us that meant getting up at 5:45!

The plane was so small and turbulence was not missed on this journey!

The sights were stunning and flying in a tiny plane that barely seated 20 is something I'll never forget - especially since on landing, my ears started popping so hard I couldn't hear and barely see in one eye! You could even see the pilots from the back seats!

When we arrived in Bario it was evident that it was a very small village (the arrival & depatures in the airport were in one room!) We met our guide Pedros & drove off to our guesthouse on Jeeps! The Jeep ride was when the expedition really felt like it was beginning. I'd never ridden on the back of a Jeep so even the travelling was a new experience.

Someone obviously hadn't gotten enough sleep and wasn't in the mood for a selfie...

When we got to our guest house we had some amazing food courtesy of the wonderful people who owned the guest house. After a trek prep talk from Pedros & Lian, our guides, we had to set up our mosquito nets & air mattresses for the night. The boys managed to get the mattresses and rooms provided by the guest houses because there was less of them and all of the girls had to sleep on the floor - not fun. We then went straight to bed to catch up on the sleep we lost in the morning!  


The next day we had our first day of trekking. This was tough as none of us had a good pace or knew how long we were going for. However we made it through roughly 6 hours trekking (if I've remembered correctly) to the guides house where we would stay the night!

 It was hard although the thing I found hardest was being forced to eat a bag full of rice and hot dogs in 20 minutes! That was when I realised that I'd have to man up and eat what I was given...

 We also got to play some football with some local boys, one of which was called Alex who was so good! That was a really lovely experience because it was the first time we'd properly interacted with the local people. 
After a while of kicking the ball about with the kids we got into a game with some of the adults; it was adults Vs kids so we were on the kids team with Alex. I'm not at all good at football and did end up cutting Lian's leg with my walking boot in an attempt to tackle him.....but it was fun to join in at least!

Our Guides

Whilst on the trek our group became very close friends with our guides, Pedros and Lian. Although we'd been away for a week already we hadn't been able to properly get to know anyone from the country so I was really looking forward to talking to them! 
Within the second day of the trek I'd managed to place myself behind Lian which meant that I got to trek through the jungle with Lian, who cut down the branches for the rest of us to come through so we didn't have to struggle like the front of the group - oh the joys of befriending a guide! 
When we got to our camp we had to hang our hammocks... Lian hung mine of course!

In this photo he was singing 'Here Comes The Bride' which was so hilarious to watch!

Most of the trekking photos look the same aside from the various mug shot so I'm just going to show you my favourite ones! 

1. George and Will digging the poo pit which took ages for them to naturally I stood, watched and took photos! And got mud thrown at me but I won't dwell on that!
2. Our hammocks! This isn't my hammock but they all looked the same.. I actually found them really comfortable to sleep in as they rocked for a while after you got in which was nice! Although some people were too tall to fit in the hammocks properly and ended up having bad sleeps quite often. 

Going to sleep in the jungle is an incredible experience as there are sososo many animals and insects making noises! It was a huge change from my normal sleep playlist on my iPod! I'm not sure I could forget the first time I realised I was falling asleep over 7000 miles away from my family

3. We had to walk across many rivers and bridges on the trek - many made by our Guide's bare hands which was impressive to watch! This particular bridge was very narrow!
4. At lunch times in the jungle the bees found us within minutes of our 20 minute break. Unfortunately for Will, that bee stayed on his nose for about 5 minutes!

On the trek we were able to try some of the fruits and things that grew on the trees! Lian found some super sour lemons and we were able to have a few segments. The lemons were my favourite as you could smell them from so far away, they were green not yellow yet and they were super super sour!!

I hope you liked Week Two and I'm trying to get the next few weeks up quickly so that everyone can see what I was up to in my summer holidays!

OOTD | Back To Black..and White

I've fallen back into my Monochrome pattern and have worn black & white so much this week. I really enjoyed wearing this outfit the other day as it was really simple but lovely and comfy!
I didn't realise my hair looked this cool with Ombre but I had my brother take the photos for today and he managed to get this cool shot of my curls!
Blazer: H&M / Top: River Island / Chain: Topshop / Cardigan: H&M / Trousers:
I am absolutely loving tartan at the moment but as this bow is my only tartan item in my possession, I feel like I'm going to be wearing this bow a lot more!
As I said in my previous OOTD, I've managed to create a lovely eye colour with my old gross pallets & I love this picture because it shows the colours at a really nice angle.

I'm getting back into blogging a lot more now and I am loving it, as usual! I just had to remind myself how much I love it! If you liked this post comment, share & subscribe to my blog, or just keep reading! I love seeing that people are reading my little Anastasia Antics and I'd love to interact with more of you, seeing as so many of you are from different countries!

You can find me on MY TWITTER all the time HERE so follow for updates on new posts!

Best Night In.

Last Saturday I spent the night at my best friend Jemima's house.
It was so good to get to see her as I haven't had a proper catch up with her for so long! 
We have a slight tradition on our sleepovers and over the past 14 years I think we've developed a fool-proof sleepover plan.

To start off with we usually go to Tesco's and buy loads of yummy, calorific sweeties and things. However this time we only had a 30 minute time slot for Tescos before we had to be back - meaning we were sprinting around deciding what we wanted whilst also attracting a lot of attention..

sorry for the terrible quality photo on the left hand side - spur of the moment photo!

If you can make it out, I'm wearing my Topshop Joni Jeans. These are the comfiest jeans ever, and high waisted too which is an absolute treat as you can wear them with most tops! I also decided to go super urban that night and paired my jeans with my G4LIFE crop top from Rihanna's new Autumn collection at River Island. Not forgetting my beaut Topman beanie! 

After running around a bit, we decided on these treats.We also had a beaut brownie that Jemima made & chocolate covered coco pops!!

Part of our little sleepover tradish is watching Fail Compilations. Me and my brother watch these all the time & I recommend them if you're feeling bored/sad (search 'fail compilations' or go to the account 'Fail Army' on YouTube). Jemima and I have ended up watching these videos every time we meet up!

To top the night off we watched Keeping Up With The Kardashians season 1 & part of season 2. I don't normally like reality TV shows as I find most of them really boring and pointless. However, I end up getting sucked into the Kards soso easily and it's now become my guilty pleasure. I brought the DVDs off of Amazon so cheaply so it made me feel better that I wasn't paying extortionate amounts for it!

She is such a beaut & I love her so much! Can't wait to meet up again!

Going Crazy For.. One Republic

I am loving this song at the moment, it's my jam!

OOTD | Marshmallow Jumper

I really need to get back into my blogging routine, I have been so unorganised over the past few weeks and have gotten so many ideas for posts but had no time to make them! Anyway, I thought I'd get back into it by sharing a few more of my outfits from school!

As its not summer anymore, I'm feeling the cold so easily! So I decided to wear my new Topshop jumper to school. It was amazing. I am absolutely in LOVE with this jumper - it feels like a permanent hug which I absolutely loved. Its a slightly cropped jumper so I wore it with a high waist skirt.

I'm also really liking my eye make up at the moment and although I don't have any actually notable pallets I have been able to create a lovely kind of browny, purple merge! 
I also wore my River Island chain, Topshop Midi Ring and Freedom at Topshop single rings.
My nail colour is Barry M Texture Nail Effects in Kingsland Road

Change Is A Good Thing

My sister left for university today which was a bit of an odd situation! She did amazingly in her exams and got offers from all the Unis she was thinking of going to. I'm sososo proud of her and all she's achieved in the past 18 years, especially these last two. It's going to be strange not having her around to chat to however, I'm not too sad because soon I'll be Whatsapping her 24/7! I've already planned a trip to London to see her which will be beaut.

I hope she has an amazing freshers week and I can't wait to reunite with her in a few weeks!
Love You Sista

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